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Welcome to the Pappas Organization Training Platform

Results-Oriented Insurance Agent Training Courses Created And Taught By Top Performing Insurance Leaders

Fundamental Training Solutions helps agencies prepare their new agents with a highly engaging online course curriculum taught by nationally recorgnized top performers giving agencies more transparency and accountability to their training system

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Why Fundamental Training Solutions

Training Methods of Top Performing Agencies - Taught by industry top performing leaders.

Learning key fundamental that bring an agent success sooner is key to retain and build lucrative careers.  The insurance training methods used in Fundamental Training Solutions courses came from the top performing agencies and are taught by top agents; who impart their own stories, motivation, and knowledge into the coursework.  Based on our track record, agents training through these systems consistently average double the production of the average agency by month 3 (citation needed).

Easily monitor learning and participation of all trainees and the performance of trainers.

Our course platform is built in an easy to follow format for your trainees with powerful tools to overview the progress of students and your trainers.  As an agency owner or trainer, you can easily monitor your agents participation, where they are encountering challenges, reward those that are excelling, and monitor performance of the trainers as well.

Scalable- With our training systems you will be ablet o scale your agent training program fast and free up your trainers to focus on the most important things to help grow your business

One of the biggest problems agencies have is scaling and consistency in their training systems.  Trainers are not all equal in the performance they get from trainees and as agencies grow it becomes more difficult to have visibility over how traning is done day to day.  Fundamental Training Solutions allows you to run a handful of trainees through the system to even hundreds at the same time as key sales fundamental training and technical training is done through online learning.  This means you can free up the time of your best trainers to do what they do best with one on one coaching.

How Does It Work?


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Fundamental Training Solutions signup is easy.  Click the button below and follow the prompts.  Each agreement is month to month that can be cancelled at anytime.  You will receive a confirmation email and we'll schedule an on-boarding call with you and your team.
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We Create Your Own Course Enviornment

You Will have your very own course-space with a full curriculum to get your trainees motivated and ready to be productive.  Easy setup/access for students, new instructors,and more. 

On-Boarding and Training for Staff

Once you sign up we will schedule an on-boarding session for you and your team to get you started with user importing.  We are also with you all the way with on-going support as needed.

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